Vivamui Stem Division

Class VR

Imagine taking your students to the top of Everest or the bottom of the Atlantic, from your very own classroom lab while adding a totally new dimension to your curriculum. giving them while at school. At VIVAMUI, we specialize in creating that immersive educational experience for your students.

Vivamui’s smart partnership with companies, innovatively building the future with technology, allows us to help you create your school’s own AR and VR learning laboratory. Vivamui’s latest offering in 2020 is ClassVR. ClassVR is a cost – effective Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality system designed exclusively for your classroom.

ClassVR provides an engaging, immersive experience for students of all ages, and allows them to view and understand subjects and topics through personal experience. The immersion and engagement students gain from VR dramatically increases their ability to understand and retain information.

Key benefits of VR and AR in the classroom are

  • Improved outcomes through increased engagement
  • Better knowledge retention through personal experience

Watch this video to understand how Virtual Reality can really contribute to your teaching.